Another project!
This time it's a vintage 1969-1970 Echolette Ba200 Bass/Guitar amp!
These seem to also have been branded as "Winston" in the UK, and were made in West Germany.
The amp runs two ECC808 Tubes in the preamp (fancier 12ax7, and can be rewired to take the more common 12ax7 if needed) and four EL34 power tubes. It runs at about 110watts
Its got 5 knobs: Volume, Bass, Middle, Treble (which is actually a prescence control), and "Sound"(two way toggle which changes the bass/middle frequencies effected)
There's a toggle switch in the back to run the speaker out as 4 ohm or 8 ohm, and has two speaker out jacks
It seems pretty well made and uses an early PCB which is wild for the year!
Whoever was in it before me made a mess of the power circuit, so I've been rewiring it, as well as cleaning up the circuit in general. Waiting for new filter caps/parts before I can move forward.